12 March 2011

15 Facts About Me!

15 Facts:

1. I like divisible numbers. (24; 48; 36)
2. Optimis Prime is my hero.
3. Had a childhood dog named Spoc and a guinea pig named Pixie.
4. I read Jane Austen novels over again every spring and summer.
5. I'm really good at crocheting.
6. I don't trust salty foods that claim to be sweet; like cheesecake.
7. I have never eaten shrimp.
8. I like shoes because no matter how fat you are you can always find a pair.
9. My favorite kind of cheese is extra sharp cheddar.
10. I'm left handed.
11. I can play I can 6 different instruments.
12. I took three years of ballet.
13. I'm afraid to die and I'm afraid of death.
14. I love pina-colatas and getting caught in the rain.
15. I like men who look like they could throw me over their shoulder like a sack of potatoes


Suzy Turner said...

You've NEVER eaten shrimp. Oh My God... I'm hyperventilating. You haven't lived!! In case you didn't notice.... I love shrimp : )

N.E. Avery said...

I have issues..apparently..lol Everyone and their uncle loves sea food. I just don't trust it for some reason. I've attempted to try it but I couldn't chew it and just spit it out and then felt extra gross for spitting it back out. haha :)

Suzy Turner said...

I used to be like that with olives and then my husband used to make me (not quite force feeding, but close) eat one every time we went out for dinner and now I love them! Maybe try that?? lol

Anonymous said...

Although I enjoy shrimp on occasion, I get grossed out if I think about what I am eating. So, I can totally understand the aversion.

Also, I love your #15 :)

N.E. Avery said...

Thanks! :) How can you NOT like number 15 lol