10 February 2013

From November 'till Now

 Nanowrimo went alright. I didn't finish but I did get a good start on a novel I'm not sure I want to finish. #win

I've been struggling a lot with working up the courage to just turn in my final edits. Of course that would mean I'd have to do my final edits, but I'm working on that this weekend. Which, yes, it is Sunday but I also have Monday off.

I never thought this would be the hardest most terrifying part of self/indie publishing. I just don't wan to let go. Is it really only just a fear of failure? I think it's more than that. The good news is, if I can manage to let go of this book, I can visit that world again when I write book two and three.

By the way, I'm on the fence about that as well. Much more of this fence riding and I won't be able to sit. I'm torn between combining book 2 and 3 into just one solid piece? Or splitting it up like the outlines are currently written.

I'm pro-combining it because I think it would have some real weight. I tend to write smaller novels. TPD is weighing it about about 47k, if I combine those two stories I could have solid writing, minimal fluff (not that I fluff o.O) and a maybe 70k novel?

The outlines I have are going to be amazing to write, and I'm so excited about how I've stepped up the intensity, wrapped up all my loose ends, and developed all the characters. Maybe I should stop trying to just make decisions about everything and just write it out?


Before I can write anything, I have to finish these edits and turn them into Pierre....

Have I mentioned Pierre?

He's the closest thing to have someone to answer to when you self-publish. He runs Schuler's espresso book machine.

He says that he writes reviews of books printed with Schuler's Cafe Press, only if he likes them.

I wonder if he'll read TPD...


04 November 2012


I've decided to actually do Nanowrimo this year and not just dream about it. Last year I was working on The Persian Door, so I felt like I'd be cheating if I used that for my nanowrimo project. Technically you're not suppose to be working on something you've already worked on before.

I also thought it might be fun to blog about my progress, or lack there of, having to confess to the might interwebs might keep me on track. At least for a little while. ;)

Add me on nanowrimo.org !! I'd love to check out what you're up to this November. My name is NeWiilson (not case sensitive).

Bye for now!

My progress so far has been rocky. I was behind but I got my shit together and I'm back on track. It's hard to go from writing a mysterious/adventurous young adult novel to writing something for an audience that appreciates dark humor. The good news is, I like it a lot better than I thought I would. Although, I have just started.


28 December 2011

Mrs. Wilson, where you been?

Around the world, now I'm back again!

Ok, not really. That's a Lil' Wayne quote...
But here's the dealio: Finished my novel in Febuary,  graduated from college in July, got married in August, landed a sweet freelance job in September with hyperinkpress.com, then got a second job at a music store in Ocotber. That's what I've been up to in a nutshell.

Also, I decided to revamp Pens Without Ink. It was getting stale and people seemed disinterested. So I shook it all up like a snow globe and now we have a years schedule for the writing club with lots of fun/no stressful stuff.

I almost forgot, I got a guinea pig, whom I ADORE, nammed Fitzgerald Darcy.
He humbly goes by Darcy, Darcy-Pants, or Guin-Guin san which is his Japanese name...


17 October 2011

Midnight Breeze

The deep roar
of thunder,
the clash of white
doesn't bother me
as I gaze out my
window, breathing
in the rich smells
of rain hitting
leaves of grass.

I still catch
my breath
when i see
the the lightning
shimmer like
handfuls of thrown
diamonds, then
vanish like the wake
of a dream.

-N (June 28, 1999; age thirteen)

28 July 2011

Landfill Poem

I'm in a geology class. We had a landfill field trip today. For extra credit I pimped out my skills as a writer and wrote the dreaded "extra-credit" poem. (and yes I did include what I 'learned' in the class in my poem, it's all true fact, I swear! No really clovers to apparently grow on landfills after their capped off full). Even more alarming, I actually like it so much I thought I'd share it with you, #twitterverse. :) Please comment and tell me I'm not a loser or you can re: with your own impromptu landfill poem. Either way it's win-win.

Ottawa County Landfill

Up the graveled dirt we trudged,
us would be geologists; past
metal fridges and tire halves
while the turkey-vultures swoop
in circles way above.

I saw the tall cattails sway
in mucky brown slush; and
heard the horn of a
tall truck pass, filled to
the brim with methane muck;

and the landfills worth will
mostly never be known
above the grass caped trash
where sweet green clovers