24 June 2011

To My Child (as i die), by N.E. Avery

To my Child (as i die)

"the flower in
the garden knows
of death
as it dies slowly
each autumn.

but does the sun
mourn the dew
drops in the

nor should you
mourn the flower.

Let it go, it will come back again.
Let me go, I will begin again."

18 June 2011

Too Much Revision?

Am, I dreaming? I had to ask myself that question a couple times when I saw this article. Of course, I found it on twitter (amazing writer community on that social media!)and it brings a very interesting discussion topic to the writer table. Is it possible to revise your manuscript to much? I've always thought that over-thinking something does more harm than good but then I wasn't sure if there was truth to that or it I'm just innately lazy. I like to think it's a possible truth. :) Read the article from the Paris Review for your self and let me know what you think.

05 June 2011

What do you like to read?

Pens Without Ink is taking suggestions for their writing club event called Pick-A-Book. Even if you're not a member of the club, follower of the blog, or a even a prolific writer, you're opinion still counts. Click the link below and post a comment suggesting what book you think Pens Without Ink should tear to shreds first!

Suggest a book NOW!