28 July 2011

Landfill Poem

I'm in a geology class. We had a landfill field trip today. For extra credit I pimped out my skills as a writer and wrote the dreaded "extra-credit" poem. (and yes I did include what I 'learned' in the class in my poem, it's all true fact, I swear! No really clovers to apparently grow on landfills after their capped off full). Even more alarming, I actually like it so much I thought I'd share it with you, #twitterverse. :) Please comment and tell me I'm not a loser or you can re: with your own impromptu landfill poem. Either way it's win-win.

Ottawa County Landfill

Up the graveled dirt we trudged,
us would be geologists; past
metal fridges and tire halves
while the turkey-vultures swoop
in circles way above.

I saw the tall cattails sway
in mucky brown slush; and
heard the horn of a
tall truck pass, filled to
the brim with methane muck;

and the landfills worth will
mostly never be known
above the grass caped trash
where sweet green clovers

10 July 2011

Try for Me, by N.E.Avery

Try for Me

This is the voice you’ve given me: yes sir. right away sir.
This is the face you’ve given me: black.
This is the lie you’ve told about me: abortion is my number one killer.
This is how you’ve broken a race: turned us against ourselves.
Now, my eyes are open.

You pin me down and scrap me clean of ambitions
if I fight back you lapel me “viscous”;
Truth be told, it is my fault; 
I’ve allowed myself in your web to be caught
Now, my thoughts must be spoken.

I’ve gotta try
try for me.