28 July 2011

Landfill Poem

I'm in a geology class. We had a landfill field trip today. For extra credit I pimped out my skills as a writer and wrote the dreaded "extra-credit" poem. (and yes I did include what I 'learned' in the class in my poem, it's all true fact, I swear! No really clovers to apparently grow on landfills after their capped off full). Even more alarming, I actually like it so much I thought I'd share it with you, #twitterverse. :) Please comment and tell me I'm not a loser or you can re: with your own impromptu landfill poem. Either way it's win-win.

Ottawa County Landfill

Up the graveled dirt we trudged,
us would be geologists; past
metal fridges and tire halves
while the turkey-vultures swoop
in circles way above.

I saw the tall cattails sway
in mucky brown slush; and
heard the horn of a
tall truck pass, filled to
the brim with methane muck;

and the landfills worth will
mostly never be known
above the grass caped trash
where sweet green clovers

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