01 May 2011

Trump, Rebecca Black, and Friday Oh my!

My birthday was this weekend and besides having too much tequila,  which resulted in a heartburn that had me popping tums like I was pregnant,  there were some interesting things going on this weekend on CNN and Twitter.

First, this whole Trump running for presented thing seems to be irritating both Republicans and Democrats and frankly I don't think he'll make it very far. Trump would run this country like a mob boss and even though I am immensely liberal I would much rather see one of the previous republican runners take the presidential throne than Donald Grump.

Think about it, he's so nasty to Obama. He goes to places no republican has ever gone before in their hate for the president. You didn't hear Bush talking badly about Obama, you know why? It's called respect. President respect other presidents because you know that they have a lot to deal with and being the president turns your hair white and makes you age.

Now, I do remember Obama criticizing the Bush Administration for the policies, but that's just politics. Trump is walking around  NY like a rooster in a hen house. He brags about his success in getting Obama to release his birth certificate, when really he just another corporate bully. Now, he says he wants to see Obama's high-school transcripts because he doesn't believe he had good enough grades to get into Harvard....

Enough Donald Grump talk, (yes I'm doing that on purpose). His tactics are tactless and abrasive he better be careful he's acting  very nouveau riche and that's not a title any businessman wants.

I've wasted a lot of space on D.T. so I'll quickly talk singing sensation Rebecca Black

There was a link posted to an article interview of Rebecca Black where she shares her realization that her debut song "Friday" will be "on the internet for forever". Yes. Yes it will. Black also tried to shrug off the whole single as being just a fun expensive gift from her parents that she though no one would ever see. Right. That's why you posted it on the worlds largest internet video website, right? No one ever goes to YouTube to troll on confident people with no talent...



Anonymous said...

I'm not the only person who wants to slap Rebecca Black for that interview, am I? :)

N.E. Avery said...

what would make you think that!? ;)