03 August 2010

Pens Without Ink

I have a little project going on "write" now. :)

Pens Without Ink is a facebook group I started a few months back. I had this idea that it would be great to connect with other writers and to discuss writing topics, our pieces, or anything really.

I'm so passionate about writing that I felt like I wanted to be connected via through the web to other writers who shared my love for creativity and writing. I feel very fortunate to be able to write and I would like to give back to the writing community. Of course this little project is really so small it's actually minuscule but there is a small hand of pens without ink members who want to meet up monthly or bi-monthly to chat about writing. I'm really excited and I hope that this group/club will give me the opportunity to do something really great for other aspiring writers.

So I'll keep posting updates on how that is going on my own blog, and if you're interested in getting involved or participating in some of the writing activities or challenges that Pens Without Ink will sponsor in the future be sure to either find us on Facebook, or follow the blog I've created: Pens Without Ink .


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