25 February 2010

Revolutionizing the Publishing Industry

I recently wrote an article for suite101.com about the changes being made in the publishing industry. The EBM or Espresso Book Machine is a printing, binding and distributing station. I was excited to write about this topic after being inspired by my WRT 495 capstone class. We have been discussing Genre Theories and the evolution of print on demand came up in my class. The EBM affects the publishing industry completely. The whole print on demand concept opens avenues for more than just publishers to publish books. We've already seen an expansion of self-publishing through places like lulu.com, but the EBM in away even surpasses norms for the self-publishing author because it always anyone to print any .pfd file from any EBM location. This means small businesses no longer have to spend extra money on books that have a slow turn around, libraries will be able to have more copies of rarer books for cheaper prices, and schools and other educational institutions will be able to offer more resources to their communities. This is an exciting time for the reader and the writer. I hope you like the article, be sure to check out the embedded link because it takes you two a youtube.com video where you can see just exactly how the magic happens. Enjoy!

Espresso Machines are No Longer Just for Coffee

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Anonymous said...

While cursing the blogs of blogger.com I came across this article about "The Espresso Book Machine " O my God , amazing it really is the future of books for , teachers, library's, universities, the list goes on. Can you image what you can do with a machine like this. Authors can shelf publish their work and it's really inexpensive to print ,Literally, a pennies a page . WOW!! Libraries could use this for those rare books that are not allowed out of the library, and a costumer could get an instant copy, teachers could make enough copies for his/her class when they do special projects . I Love It.